. Covid-19

. I would talk about Covid-19 or Coronavirus regardless of what do you call it. However, all of us talk about it. Also, it affects our life and health. We should move on and see our life with a great way. Kane Brown said, “ I feel like if you’re in a bad situation, and then you see somebody that’s even in a worse situation, you feel for that person.” I would analyze how does it affect our life , health and business.

. First, I have a question always in my mind. How we will improve our life and move on? Let’s cut the chase, and be humanitarian because Covid-19 still goes around the world such as any disease. Honestly, there is no medicine for it. However, we shut down everything in our life cause of it. I won’t blabbering on things that’s not necessary for us. Realistically, we have to think about people who lose their job. We know a lot of people have losing their job during Covid-19 situation. No one is satisfied because they have already saved their money for a rainy day, but can you imagine how long will it take? We know a lot of us have a supplies, but I would be more specific. There is no reason for justifying why we shut down everything, only one out of the total which saves our health. For instance, the one who has apartment, car and children. How will he/she buy their bills. I believe that they will do it in first three months then what they will do? They don’t have any revenue. After a few months they maybe will steal , they won’t do it because it doesn’t suppose to do, but they don’t have any options because they want to save their life.

. Second, we should care about our health and be safe. On the other hand, I have oppose why does Covid-19 affect our health. It depends about in a good way or bad way. As you know everything in our life have pros and cons. However, there was studies for Covid-19 about the people who passed away. I was reading that studies before I have written this blog. Most studies say Covid-19 could be a reason, but it won’t be fact. I’m indicated this point just in case because some people don’t believe it. Actually, I won’t underestimate Covid-19 for our health, but I mean that we don’t have to care about it that much. For example, no one wants to be a couch potato or get a obesity. Honestly, I have a friend who spends his time for drinking, eating and watching. He feel dull because there is nothing to do. Also, I just imagine if someone gets a Coronavirus, what does he/she do? I will talk about myself because I live with my sister. As we know Covid-19 affects the one who is older and children under the age of eight. In fact, my sister is about 27 years old, so I will be in my apartment and taking care with myself. I do my best until finish 14 days.

. Last but not least, I can’t endure myself if I put all one’s eggs in one basket such as who has a small business like cafe shop or ice cream shop whatever. Also, the one who has a remarkable business as Zara or Versace. Most of them have many branches. However, they closed most of it because their market goes south, but my point do you think there is a equity among the small business and big business because some restaurants don’t have outdoor, but restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory and some else can open because they do outdoor. It doesn’t make sense at all because they have already a lot of restaurant in the all world. However, they won’t fail or get bankruptcy.

. In conclusion, Covid-19 is happened anyway, but we can continue our life. My point of view, Covid-19 is permanent. There is nothing will stop or disappear it. Also, we can improve our current situation and come back to our normal life, but with some rules likewise in my country which’s Saudi Arabia. Saudi reopen everything, but they put a lot of rules because no one wants get the virus .




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